High Speed Epoxy GT Foils coming ..

Along with our new Beyond G10 Epoxy keels we also have redrawn our high speed fins to work with a thinner foiled epoxy laminate . The much thinner cloth & epoxy enable a lay up that has so much response & return spring you can load up a mid length & project to the stars & back ๐Ÿ˜‰ Go figure .. or better still come & get one before they go ….

New G10 Fins

Stoked to finally have the foiling correct on the ย Beyond G10 epoxy Beach Keels , a thinner through foil works really well with the much stiffer & responsive base . We are pushing fin material designs here & matching contemporary surfboard design & engineering with fins that can keep up ๐Ÿ™‚

New Board Bags en route

So stoked to have a makeover on the new Beyond Bag Range for 2018 – gone are unnecessary graphics to be replaced by clean simple accent colours to match our fins & the same great functionality , protection & value .

Beyond 2017 Fin Range

We have just finalised the 2017 range of Beyond Fins , using the torsional flex mantra we hope to complement your existing board with varying degrees of drive & release to add to your surfing experience & at a great price too . Watch this space or get in touch for more info .